We have used and taught many how to use the Shake Rattle Paddle methods to call Moose and Elk. I have also compiled a few "how-to" DVD's to show how to use our products and methods. Just contact me via e-mail for details on how to get a DVD or to purchase a Paddle or Canned Moose caller. You may also book us for an event or come to an event that is already booked and get a Hands-on lesson. 

Living Off The Land DVDs also Sight Sound and Scent DVD

These will show you how to live of the land Also How to call Moose  Elk With Sight Sound And Scent

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These are a great learning tools

Learn How To hunt Moose and Elk \ With Sight Sound and Scent


 Using these DVD's, you too can learn to pick Pine Mushrooms like the ones above, as well as Chantrelles, Oyster, Cauliflower and many more of our edible mushrooms.  Contact me for your copy  of this informative DVD as well as the others posted above. also SHAKERATTLEANDPADDLE will give you all the info you need to be  lucky in your next hunt

This dvd will give you the  advantage

The paddle in action and the calls that make the difference